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Alba 1913

Alba1913 ® history dates back to more than a hundred years ago and several generations of family Rychlicki, native of Poznan (Poland), that even saving historical adversities have continued creating formulas traditional that helped its customers to stay beautiful and healthy. 1913. the chemical and pharmaceutical laboratory opens and begins to produce. 1918-1919 after completing his studies in Berlin, the young Polish chemical Mieczys?aw Rychlicki began working in the company. 1921 - Mieczys?aw Rychlicki is appointed director of the company. 1932 - Mieczys?aw Rychlicki purchased all shares of the company and its laboratory. The company manufactures more than 30 pharmaceutical, veterinary products and natural cosmetics. 1939 - World War II begins, and the company is taken over by the German occupation. Mieczys?aw Rychlicki puts a unless your recipe book and a limited number of products. 1945 - The Soviet Navy frees the city of Poznan, but during the fighting for release of the company buildings are destroyed in a fire. 1948 - 52-year-old Mieczys?aw Rychlicki begins the reconstruction of Alba. 1953 - The Communist regime nationalized the private sector, and expropriated the company. Its buildings become the headquarters of a State-owned company. 1987 - Katarzyna Rychlicka opens a small laboratory in Italy under the name Thyment. 1992 - Katarzyna and Rajmund Rychliccy moved the company, now called Alba Thyment back to his native city: Poznan. 1996 - The laboratory is transferred from Szczepankowo to the village of Suchy Las 2004 - ?ukasz Rychlicki, grandson of Mieczys?aw, was appointed CEO of the company. 2007 - Start the first activities in export to Asia. 2008 - Jan Jakub Rychlicki joins his brother ?ukasz and helps in the effort to relaunch of the company. 2011 - The manufacturing plant is modernized using European funds. 2013 - Alba awarded entrepreneur leader of Poznan and joins the elite brands from Poznan 2013 - Alba1913 ® is presented for the first time at the fair Cosmoprof in Hong Kong. The family Rychlicki Mieczys?aw Rychlicki (1895-1972). The creator of Alba after completing his studies in Berlin, the young chemist Mieczys?aw Rychlicki starts working in a laboratory in the town of Poznan, owned by the well-known pharmaceutical Stanis?aw Bukowiecki, and begins to set up a pharmaceutical company. Quickly becomes the director of the company and in the early 1930s purchase all the shares of the company and gives the name of Alba. The company runs until the beginning of the second world war. Following the war and the subsequent closure of the company by the Communist Government, Mieczys?aw Rychlicki manages to save his precious notebook of formulas. Katarzyna Rychlicka Fundadora of the laboratory Thyment and CEO of Alba Thyment from 1992 until 2006. Rajmund Rychlicki child of Mieczys?aw, co-owner and member of the Board of Alba Thyment Katarzyna Rychlicka, Mieczys?aw political granddaughter, after finishing their studies specialized in pharmaceutical synthesis decide to wake Alba from Italy, where she lived with her husband Rajmund and 3 children in Italy. Frustrated by the excessive use of antibiotics and persuaded by her husband, it recreates the formula of Argol ®, the main medicinal product of Alba and opened a laboratory called Thyment. Katarzyna and Rajmund decided to move the company back to his hometown of Poznan, giving the name of Alba Thyment. Katarzyna is the Director of the company. The name of Thyment comes from Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris latin) and Peppermint (Mentha Piperita latin), whose essential oils plant based formula of Argol ®, which enriches the original formula of the Carmelita essence, recipe from an old monastery of the Carmelite order, revealed in the year 1611. ?ukasz Rychlicki - grandson of Mieczys?aw, CEO of Alba Thyment since 2006. ?ukasz Rychlicki abandoned his career in a multinational company to return to the family business. Their actions allow to modernize the company with the help of European Union funds that allow to expand the production of cosmetics and create opportunities for international growth. Jan Jakub Rychlicki - The youngest grandson of Mieczys?aw, joins the Board of Directors of the company. The natural is beautiful. This is our philosophy and way of life. We believe that a healthy body is beautiful and spiritually balanced. Health is linked to beauty, so simple. Our mission is to improve the quality of life based on ancient and traditional knowledge, expanding our wisdom and creating even better recipes. The body and the mind are deeply connected and form the human being as such. The skin is a vital organ of the body. Our formulas are hand designed to achieve healthy skin and a spiritual, giving harmony to use them beauty and balance. The best essential oils and extracts of pure, natural plants and high quality are present in our formulas, combining nourishing, soothing and relaxing properties thanks to the pleasant aromatherapy. We have designed Alba1913 ® products to be beneficial with your body while you enjoy them every day. Smile and let your inner and outer beauty shine!
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