Biofficina Toscana - Lighter Legs Gel

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Defatigating gel with organic eucalyptus hydrolate from Tuscany

A gel with a very light texture that relieves the fatigue of the legs and gives a feeling of immediate well-being. Ideal for messaging on the skin, leaving skin hydrated and soft, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue.
It contains organic eucalyptus hydrolate from Tuscany and a peppermint hydro-essential with balsamic properties and a refreshing effect. It also contains extracts of horse chestnut, rusco, ivy and arnica, with toning functions. All these extracts are known for their properties that take care of tired and heavy legs.
The formula also contains betaine, urea, Pentavitin®, Timiline® and Silidine®, active ingredients that help to soften the skin.
Pentavitin® is a patented active ingredient that deeply hydrates the skin and diminishes scaling, improving the skin barrier, which is less dry and does not strip.
Timiline® and Silidine® are a combination of patented principles that work together for the well-being of the legs. Timiline® improves skin tone, Silidine® is a marine active that comes from a mix of essential oligosaccharides and trace elements. The union of the two principles improves vascular tone and helps reduce the feeling of fatigue in the legs. A gel created to relieve tired legs, ideal for those who have a sedentary job or are many hours of feet, perfect also to use in travel, after a long walk or in the hottest times of the year.
The gel absorbs quickly, leaves no residue, is unctuous and has a fresh perfume of mint.

Perfume: fresh and balsamic notes of mint.

Use: Apply on the legs with a quick massage. Ideal after sports, a day of work or traveling, in summer, and to fight fatigue and heaviness.

Assets: organic eucalyptus hydrolate, hydro-essential organic mint, urea, organic extracts of horse chestnut, butcher's broom, ivy and arnica; Pentavitin® (active sugar-based), Betain, Timiline® and Silidine®, cellulose gel.

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Yo tengo la crema en la nevera y el efecto del frío junto con los componentes de la misma hacen que funcione muy bien. En seguida la aplico y noto alivio en mis piernas hinchadas por el calor y el embarazo.

La cantidad de principios activos que tiene y su buen desempeño para lo que ha sido creada.

El cierre del bote viene con un precinto de seguridad que una vez quitado hace que no cierre bien y debido a su textura extremadamente líquida hizo que se me derramase sin control, la tengo cerrada con una goma para que no se abra ni gotee.


Biofficina Toscana - Lighter Legs Gel

Estupendo para el trabajo que tengo que me paso el día caminando, suelo notar las piernas agotadas por el esfuerzo y desde que uso esta crema al final del día noto un grana alivio, además también estoy notando la piel mas suave al tacto.


Biofficina Toscana - Lighter Legs Gel

Una pasada, me paso todo el día sentada y esta crema-gel me alivia mucho.

Me alivia las piernas. Perfecto para aliviar la tensión.



Biofficina Toscana - Lighter Legs Gel
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