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Each year, 100 billion single-use cups of coffee end up in a landfill. That's why we created the Ecoffee cup, an environmentally responsible reusable glass made from natural bamboo fiber, one of the most sustainable resources in the world.

Free of BPA and phthalates, it is light, resistant and dishwasher safe. It has a resealable 'no drip' lid. Capacity: 400ml

Within a few years, send it back to nature simply by taking it to the organic container.

Warning: Not suitable for microwave.

10 good reasons to use the bamboo vase:

- Help reduce daily waste.
- Reusable indefinitely if you take care.
- Organic bamboo fiber.
- Resource quickly renewable.
- Biodegradable material.
- Naturally sterile: no flavor residues.
- Cover "no drip" that can be resealed.
- Fully dishwasher safe.
- Lightweight, bright and pleasant to use.
- BPA and without phthalates

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¡Me encanta! Este verano lo utilicé muchísimo en el trabajo. Es suficientemente grande como para introducir hielo y hacer un café con hielo estupendo. Y si te gustan los cafés grandes como a mí lo vas a disfrutar un montón.

Grande y precioso.

El material es poroso, por lo que pueden quedar algunas marcas de los líquidos, por dentro.


Ecoffee cup - Bamboo glass 400ml - Pink Polka

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