Georganics - Natural toothpaste in pill - Tea tree

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Expiration date: 12M after first use
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Product features:

Toothpaste or natural toothpaste in pills, with essential oils of tea tree. It is a great alternative to traditional toothpaste, with which you will get an effective cleaning of your teeth, and an environmental care. The tablets or tablets come in a practical glass container and metal lid, without plastic and reusable, which makes this product a zero waste product.

They are an ecofriendly alternative for daily use, and to always take with you, on a trip or wherever you go.

This solid toothpaste does not contain gluten, nor fluorine, and is vegan.

How to use:
1. Chew a tablet and let it dissolve.
2. Brush 2 minutes, and then rinse.

Once opened, store in a dry place for up to 12 months. For external use only.

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Funciona muy muy bien, es fácil de usar e intuitiva. Y eso de que sea eco friendly lo hace mucho mejor producto aún.


Georganics - Natural toothpaste in pill - Tea tree
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