Lamazuna - Reusable vegan menstrual cup - Size 1

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Product features:

The reusable menstrual cup replaces tampons and compresses for 10 years.
Platinum silicone guarantees higher quality and longer life than standard silicone; It can remain inside the human body for 30 days.

How to use: Fold the cup and insert it into the vagina. You can leave it up to 6 hours. Then empty it and wash it with cold water before reinserting it. You should not notice any discomfort.

The small holes on the sides prevents risks of loss. If this problem occurs, the cup is likely to be misplaced.

How to clean the menstrual cup: After the cycle, boil it for about 10 minutes in a pot with hot water to sterilize it. During the cycle, clean only with water, avoid hot water and above all, do not use soap, the waste could unbalance your pH. When you do not use the cup, place it inside the bio-cotton bag.

The Lamazuna cup is made of medical platinum silicone:
- Latex free
- Without phthalates
- Without bleaching agents.
- Easy to clean.

I am a virgin, can I use the menstrual cup?
Of course, all women can use a menstrual cup. As with tampons, the hymen is not touched by the menstrual cup. Keep in mind that you can lose your hymen at other times, such as doing sports.

Is it the French Cup?
Yes, the Lamazuna glass is made in the south of France. Your organic cotton bag with GOTS certification made in India.

What is my menstrual cup size?
Size 1: For smooth flows and for women who have not given birth naturally.
Diameter: 42 mm / Length: 47 mm / Capacity: 23 ml

Size 2: For medium-dense flow and for women who have given birth naturally.
Diameter: 46 mm / Length: 52 mm / Capacity: 30 ml

What safety do you offer in the manufacture of the Lamazuna cup?
Our manufacturer has obtained the ISO 13485: 2003 certificate. This confirms that its quality management system authorizes the production of medical devices. This standard is the most recognized in the entire world market.

Attention: For reasons of hygiene, the glasses can not be exchanged. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Un poco más pequeña de lo que esperaba pero muy bien!


Lamazuna - Reusable vegan menstrual cup - Size 1

Estoy en pruebas aun con la copa, pero estoy contenta.


Lamazuna - Reusable vegan menstrual cup - Size 1

Tenia muchas ganas de probar la copa y la verdad que estoy encantada. Al principio tardaba más en colocarla pero me costo poco cogerle el truco. Animo a todas las chicas a probarlo, realmente merece la pena, tanto por nosotras como por el medio ambiente.


Lamazuna - Reusable vegan menstrual cup - Size 1

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