Natura Siberica - Set Bio-complex two-phase facial anti-aging

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The Facial Intensive Biocomplex based on Cladonia Nevada is a biphasic Anti Age treatment indicated for an effective fight against the signs of aging. A unique technology that allows activating the active principles just before its application and thus reinforce its effectiveness, offers unattainable results for conventional Anti Age creams.

First phase: A unique and intense biobase consisting of oils, vitamins and extracts such as Cladonia Nevada, a unique Siberian plant rich in unic acid, which favors an active regeneration of the skin cells and slows down the aging process .
Second stage: Activator Serum enriched with SYN-AKE polypeptides, ingredient used by professionals more recognized as a harmless substitute for botox, Liftonin lifting complex that increases the elasticity of the skin thanks to the stimulation of the natural processes of regeneration of the cells, As well as hyaluronic acid combining molecules of high and low molecular weight.

2 x 30ml

Instructions for use:
1, - For dry or sensitive skin, mix in a cup 6 drops of Biobase and 2 drops of Serum with the help of a spatula. In the case of oily skin fat would be 5 drops of Biobase and 3 drops of Serum. 2, - Apply the compound on the skin clean and dry with a thin layer
3, - After 10 minutes, remove any product residues with a cloth, if necessary.
To achieve a remarkable and lasting effect, a course of treatment has to be carried out for 14 days applying the product daily. To maintain the results obtained, continue applying the biocomplex twice a week.
If necessary, repeat the course of treatment at two months.


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Son dos botellitas con dosificador. Una con crema y otra con serum. Dentro te indica como mezclar el producto segun tu tipo de piel. También biene potecitos de plástico para hacer las mezclas y unos \"palitos\" de plástico para mezclarlos.

La piel está hidratada... Pero de la misma manera que te pusieras una crema facial. No hay ninguna mejora en la piel...

Me esperaba más, es decir, alguna mejora en mi piel...y la tengo igual que comencé. En el pote de crema, sube con dificultad con el dosificador y cuesta calcular... He acabado acabando antes la crema que el serum... Así que este lo utilizaré como serum normal. Los potecitos de plastico con el palito para hacer la mezcla no va lo he acabado de poner directamente en la cara y ahí lo mezclaba dándome un masaje. Me esperaba alguna mejora en la piel, pero me veo igual que cuando empeze (hace como dos meses o mas


Natura Siberica - Set Bio-complex two-phase facial anti-aging

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