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SaludViva Superalimentos - Tapioca starch gluten free 100% Bio 250g

SaludViva Superalimentos - Tapioca starch gluten free 100% Bio 250g

Content: 250.00gr / Ref: K15105 / Exp. 31/12/22
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Price per 100gr: 1,04€
Agricultura EcológicaSin Gluten

Manufacturer: SaludViva Superalimentos

Bio gluten-free tapioca starch from SaludViva Superalimentos.

This tapioca starch is a 100% organic raw product, and does not contain gluten.

It is made from cassava root, the result is a fine white powder similar to corn starch.

Cassava provides elasticity to the doughs, helps give body to gluten-free dough recipes, and in many cases provides that crisp, airy texture characteristic of bread.

It is also used to thicken liquids, puddings, sweets, sauces, etc.

It can be used to prepare a creamy custard and for your dairy-free ice creams.

Two large molecules made of simple sugars, called amylose and amylopectin, make tapioca starch the perfect ingredient in many cookery recipes due to its adhesive property, which makes bread and cakes fluffy.

Cassava root has more starch than other tubers, hence its great potential as a substitute for wheat.

With cassava starch it is not necessary to add yeast to obtain the sticky structure typical of foods made from wheat.

It is used as an absorbent and binding agent for water. Cassava has a swelling power almost 3.4 times more than wheat starch and 2.9 times more than corn.


How to use: As a thickener or to bind: the starches are insoluble in cold water and also tend to form lumps, therefore dissolve in a little warm water, add the mixture to the preparation that we are making, always hot and in the last minutes stir and let it thicken. In other types of recipes, we can use the starches to batter and fry, to obtain a crispier batter. To prepare breads, the ratio is 2.5 cups of starch to one teaspoon of baking powder, these cassava bread recipes can be found online.


Allergens: May contain traces of nuts and sesame.


Nutritional information per 100 g:

Energy: 1498 kj / 358 kcal.
Fat: 0.02 g.
of which saturated: 0.01 g.
Carbohydrates: 88.69 g.
of which sugars: 3.35 g.
Fiber: 0.9 g.
Protein: 0.19 g
Salt: <0.002 g.


Almidón de tapioca*
*Procedente de agricultura ecológica.

Energetic value1393 kj / 333 kcal.
Lipid fats0,1 g.
Saturated fatty acids0 g.
Carbohydrates81 g.
Sugars0,5 g.
Dietary fiber<0,2 g
Protein27,1 g
Salt0,01 g.
OPINIONS (2 opinions) +
Me ha sorprendido como me deja los bizcochos sin gluten. Sirve como sustituto del gluten y aumenta su tamaño.
SaludViva Superalimentos - Tapioca starch gluten free 100% Bio 250g
Una buena alternativa a la maicena y además 100% bio.
SaludViva Superalimentos - Tapioca starch gluten free 100% Bio 250g
+ see more opinions
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