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Sensual Intim - Menstrual Cup Eureka! Cup Classic - Size M
Sensual Intim - Menstrual Cup Eureka! Cup Classic - Size M
Sensual Intim - Menstrual Cup Eureka! Cup Classic - Size M

Sensual Intim - Menstrual Cup Eureka! Cup Classic - Size M

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Manufacturer: Sensual Intim

The softest menstrual cup on the market and the most comfortable, healthy and ecological way to experience menstruation.

Enjoy a free menstruation taking care of your pelvic floor.

A comfortable and flexible menstrual cup for the best adaptation to the vagina.

It collects the bleed and should be removed when full.

It can be worn for a maximum of 8-12 hours continuously. After this time, it should be cleaned with water, remove the traces of blood and reintroduce it.


100% Medical Silicone: Flexible, hypoallergenic, comfortable and resistant.

Includes a bag to store the cup.

Capacity: 23ml


Its innovative design is respectful of both the environment and your pelvic floor.

Among the main features of the Eureka! Cup® Classic are:

  • flexible material The menstrual cup Eureka! Cup® Classic is so soft and flexible that it adapts to the shape of the vagina while respecting the pelvic floor.
  • Easy introduction. It has notches on the ring to facilitate the insertion of the Eureka! menstrual cup. Cup® Classic.
  • Hypoallergenic material, comfortable, soft and resistant. Does not contain dyes, plastics, latex or other derivatives. 100% medical silicone.
  • Quality guarantee.
  • Designed in Barcelona by accredited sexuality professionals together with a team of engineers from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.



Always handle the Eureka! Cup® Classic with clean hands. Before and after each cycle remember to sterilize the Eureka! Cup Classic with our Sensual Intim sterilizing cup.

Follow the steps:

  1. For right-handers, holding the Eureka! Cup® Classic for its crown between the index finger and the thumb of the left hand. With the tip of the index finger of the right hand, fold the Eureka! Cup from any of its 4 tabs, to the deepest point of it. It will be folded.
  2. Extract the index finger without unfolding it, and catch the Eureka! Cup® Classic with the right hand. Find the position that is most comfortable for insertion into the vagina.
  3. Separate the vaginal lips with the left hand and insert the Eureka! Cup® Classic until it is completely inside the vagina (except for the tube). By withdrawing the fingers, the Eureka! Cup® Classic will unfold inside the vagina. To help this happen, you can rotate the Eureka! Cup® until you notice that it has been deployed successfully. It can be verified surrounding the Eureka! Cup® Classic with the finger.
  4. With the help of your fingers, make sure that the Eureka! Cup® Classic is absolutely vertical. The Eureka! Cup Classic will be sealed and ready to enjoy it.



To fully extract the Eureka! Cup® Classic grabs the base of the cup (not the tube) with two fingers and pulls it out.

We recommend using the Eureka Cup® Classic until you find the easiest and most suitable way to insert, empty and remove it. It may vary depending on each person.


Maintenance and cleaning:

During menstruation, wash the Eureka! Cup® Classic with hot water and neutral soap. Once the period is over, the Eureka! Cup® Classic and repeat this procedure just before using it again, in the following period.

Sterilize the Eureka! Cup® Classic in our sterilizing glass or in a saucepan, for 3 minutes and store it in the bag included in the box.

Proper maintenance will prolong the life of the Eureka! Cup® Classic.


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