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Expiration date: 01/04/21
Product No stock Content: 320.00 ml Ref: SV02308
Product features:

A sauce that does not contain fat, calories, carbohydrates, sugar or gluten and provides the best flavor to accompany healthy foods.

This is a sauce made especially for athletes and people who follow a diet to lose weight.

It allows you to enjoy intensely a favorite flavor, the César sauce, in a low-calorie version.

It is perfect to accompany raw salads, steamed or any of the dishes of the diet, enhancing the taste of food, adding texture and allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavors.

They are made with high quality natural ingredients, contain fresh ground spices, national and imported aged vinegars and provide the best flavor in diet sauces with the lowest amounts of calories.

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Está riquísima, mi nutricionista me lo recomendó para darme un capricho y dar un toque a las ensaladas y está súper buena


ServiVita - Cesar sauce 0%

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