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About us


Vita33 is formed by a team of people who believe in a more healthy life. Cosmetics and food products are very important in our life continuously part. They are present in our daily habits, such as personal hygiene, hair care, skin, hands, feet ... and help us beautify and feel better.

In Vita33 we committed to improving the quality of life with products that contain fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients, many of them certified organic, ecological, sustainable production, not tested on animals ...

Vita33 will help you have a healthier lifestyle through their proposals for natural products. Our mission is to be a company specializing in marketing products with a high number of natural ingredients to achieve a healthier lifestyle and sustainable company.

Therefore, in Vita33 we believe in natural beauty, take care of our health and the environment. Follow our movement in social networks and highlighting this new lifestyle to more people.

Seals and certifications

In many of our products you can find many "seals" or certificates. Many of the products on sale in Vita33 have certifications by independent companies to ensure that their raw material or part thereof, is of particular origin, or the manufacturing process of the product is made in a special way. Clicking on each stamp in the product description you can read more about it.

If a product does not have stamps not mean it's worst product. He simply has not had the services of a certifying company mainly to offer a better price of the product to its customers. Product sometimes even without any seal have an origin and methods of not less respectable other products equipped with seals. In Vita33 we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and make sure we control the origin and manufacturing processes of the products that we sell.


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C/ Caleta de Velez 52, 29004 Málaga, España
C/ Caleta de Velez 52, 29004 Málaga, España
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