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Instant drink without sugar Mix, available in a wide variety of delicious flavors.

With each Mix envelope you can prepare 1.5 liters of a delicious drink, Mix is healthier than a conventional soft drink since it does not contain sugar.

Furthermore, this instant drink is low in calories and carbohydrates, so Mix is valid for any type of diet.

An ideal drink for people in times of weight loss or especially interested in taking maximum care of the calories in their diet, or who simply need to flavor the water to facilitate daily fluid intake.

Indicated for everyone, completely suitable for children and adults.


Drinks with the best ingredients to get a true authentic fruit flavor.

A 250 ml glass of Mix contains less than 5 calories.

Each bag of these drinks contains 9 grams of product (powder) to dissolve.


The easy dissolution of the beverages allows you to make multiple desserts such as jellies, smoothies, jams, syrups, etc.

Create your favorite post in the easiest way, just dissolve a little of the content of a Mix envelope in the yogurt, milk, vegetable drink or smoothie.

Mix also gives an incredible flavor to cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, cocktails ... and also to a multitude of cooking recipes.

Made in Spain.

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BUENISISISIMO, lo recomendaría mil veces!!


Bebidas Mix - Mix Instant drink without sugar - Kinchoc

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