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Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Ginkgo

Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Ginkgo

Content: 30.60gr / Ref: YT2688 / Exp. 31/10/22
3,35€Tax Incl.
Price per 100gr: 10,95€
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Agricultura Ecológica

Manufacturer: Yogi tea

Take a break. The fruity aroma of mint and lemon grass allows us to keep a cool head. Ginger starts our carousel of ideas. Ginkgo, the blade of the old tree of the temples, turns our thinking process and is recognized as the guardian of the health and mental longevity. To these Honorable ingredients, YOGI TEA® adds fresh basil, cardamom and lemon balm together with Ginseng, for deliciously full flavor. The essence of this infusion is: "Be a quiet observer".  

Ginkgo *, ginger *, lemon grass *, licorice *, Mentha piperita *, verbena *, basil *, melisa *, cardamom *, pepper *

-Ginkgo: exists from about 300 million years ago. In Asia, the ginkgo tree of the temples is venerated and is used for medicinal purposes since the 2nd century d. C. The taste of the ginkgo is slightly acidic and spicy.

-Lemon grass: in Southeast Asia also referred this spice and aromatic medicinal plant under the name of «fever grass». It contains essential oils and has a fresh and intense citrus flavor. To date it is unknown where item is originally this plant of the family of grasses used in Asian cuisine.

-Verbena: the Kidron, also known to the verbena, was introduced in Europe at the end of the 18th century. It comes from the sunny South America, where it is appreciated long ago as an important medicinal plant. Luisa herb belongs to the family of the verbenaceae and contains important essential oils.

- Ginger: Ginger is used in the far East for more than 3,000 years as spice and medicinal plant. It has a flavor between spicy and fruity and contains, in addition to various vitamins, essential oils and prized mineral. 

- Licorice: the sweet stick, also known as licorice, is known since ancient times as a medicinal plant and is one of the 50 basic herbs of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is about 50 times sweeter than sugar and has a gently sweet and sour and bitter taste. Thanks to its valued nutrients, licorice was chosen as Officinal plant of the year in 2012.  

- Mint: discovered for the first time in 1696 and probably the result of the intersection by chance of Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata, is today among the most important medicinal plants of the world. The Peppermint has a slightly spicy flavour and is popular in the world for its refreshing aroma and its valued components. In 2004, she was elected as a medicinal plant of the year. 

- Melisa: named Officinal plant in 1988, in the Middle Ages was required to grow it in the gardens of all the monasteries. In addition to essential oils, lemon balm contains many tannins, flavonoids and minerals that make it an important medicinal plant. Its leaves have a fresh taste of citrus and spicy. 

- Basil: "Royal plant", as the ancient Greeks called basil, came to Northern Europe in the 12th century. It has a wonderful spicy aroma that is ideally both in Mediterranean cuisine and freshly brewed tea. 

- Cardamom: cardamom is, since thousands of years, one of the most popular around the world, Asian and Arabic spices. Its delicate aroma spicy and sweet leads the implementation of cardamom in many dishes, from curry to spicy Christmas sweets. Thanks to their essential oils and other important nutrients, cardamom is also one of the oldest medicinal plants of the world. 

- Black pepper: pepper, also known as the 'Queen of spices', is currently, along with the salt, the most important spice in the world. It comes originally from the coast of Malabar in the India and has an intense flavor and spicy at the same time with varying degrees of spiciness. The ancient medicine of Ayurveda recommends black pepper not only as a condiment, but also because its prized substances, as a medicinal plant.

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Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Ginkgo
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Ginkgo*, Ingwer*, Zitronengras*, Süßholz*, Pfefferminze*, Zitronenverbene*, Basilikum*, Zitronenmelisse*, Kardamom*, schwarzer Pfeffer*

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