Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Inner harmony

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Relaxed, calm, serene.

The speed of the day makes us often lose our inner balance - especially when we have many events to attend. The YOGI TEA® harmony inside has been combined to face relaxed everyday rhythm. Enjoying their beneficial ingredients such as lemon balm sweet, aromatic lavender and soft cinnamon can relax at any time of the day. The essence of this infusion is: "Face the day with balance". Melisa *, rooibos *, licorice *, cinnamon *, cocoa shell *, basil *, Mentha piperita *, Chamomile flowers *, Rosemary *, black pepper *, fennel *, lavender flowers *

Melisa bees love the nectar-rich fruits, people appreciate the taste tasty, fresh lemon of its leaves. In the middle ages the melisa was greatly appreciated, because I had to be grown in all the orchards of convents and monasteries.

Rooibos until today rooibos, of the Fabaceae family only is grown in the region of Cederberg, South Africa. Plants of up to two metres in height only harvested once a year. Its leaves are produced tea rooibos (South African Red tea), the national drink of South Africa, of a fruity and slightly sweet.


Cinnamon is one of the most expensive spices in the world and should be used in China already 3,000 years before Christ. Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of the canelo of Southeast Asia, has a dulce-aromatico taste, and contains valuable essential oils.

Chamomile for Germans was sacred, to the Egyptians the God of the Sun Re seed: manzanilla of white petals with its bright yellow flowers. Chamomile is a herbaceous plant whose typical smell known almost all over the world. Its flowers have a pleasantly mild and slightly bitter taste.

Lavender on the shores of the Mediterranean is smell the heady scent of lavender. There is native plant, belonging to the Lamiaceae family, although it is grown on all continents because of their beautiful flowers. Lavender has an amargo-sabroso and slightly sour taste, and contains valuable essential oils.

Shell cocoa cocoa, coming from the Latin American jungle is known above all for its seeds, raw chocolate. But also the fruit of the cocoa shell has a dulce-suave scent and has very few calories.

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La volveria a comprar sin ninguna duda


Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Inner harmony

Es ideal para tomarlo por la noche bien calentito después del estrés del día. Me ayuda a relajarme.

Un sabor delicioso.


Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Inner harmony

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