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YOGI TEA® Green Matcha Lemon Tea combines Ayurvedic herbology with Buddhist green tea crafts. Tender green shoots of tencha, protected from the sun during the weeks prior to harvesting to achieve a fresh, smooth and delicate flavor, join the beloved Matcha, who traditionally brought energy to the Buddhist monks in their long meditations. The fruity lemon grass and the acidic lemon complete this wonderful blend and provide a very special flavor experience. The essence of this infusion is: "Lively and in harmony throughout the day".

Green tea * (Tencha *, Sencha *, Matcha *), lime *, licorice *, lemon grass *, myrtle lemon *, peppermint *, black pepper *, dehydrated lemon juice *, guaranà *, lemon essential oil *, Lemon grass *, lemon peel *, ginger *

* Agricultural biology

Green Tea

Sencha, the green tea we use, is also called the "king of green tea." It concentrates the most positive properties of the green tea plant and highlights them in a specially balanced way with its marked fresh taste.


Matcha tea belonged only to the Japanese elite of yesteryear and today it remains one of the noblest varieties of tea. After an elaborate process, matcha powder is extracted from the green leaves of the tencha tea plant. This powder is bright green, tastes sweet and fresh and has very energizing nutrients.


Tencha belongs to the oldest varieties of tea in Japan. In fact, 1% of the tea crops in this country go to the tencha leaves, which are the basis of matcha tea. To obtain a good quality of tencha requires a laborious process of elaboration, from the maturation to the shade, until the drying in special furnaces.


Limes are very acidic relatives of lemons. The crusaders brought them to the south of Europe in the Middle Ages and, in addition to abundant vitamin C, contain numerous and prized minerals and trace elements.


Sweet stick, also known as licorice, has been known since antiquity as a medicinal plant and constitutes one of the 50 basic herbs of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is about 50 times sweeter than sugar and has a soft sweet taste and between acid and bitter. Thanks to its appreciated nutrients, licorice was chosen as officinal plant of the year in 2012.

lemon grass

In Southeast Asia, this spice and aromatic medicinal plant is also known under the name of "Fever Grass". Contains essential oils and has an intense and fresh citrus flavor. To date it is unknown where this plant originally came from the gramineae family used mainly in Asian cuisine.

Myrtle lemon

Myrtle lemon grows almost exclusively in the Australian state of Queensland. The aborigines soon discovered its importance as a medicinal plant and collected the leaves of intense perfume to prepare tea and oil. The myrtle lemon has an intense citrus flavor and contains appreciated essential oils.


Discovered for the first time in 1696 and probably the result of the accidental crossing of Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata, it is today one of the most important medicinal plants in the world. Peppermint has a slightly spicy taste and is popular all over the planet for its refreshing aroma and its appreciated components. In 2004 it was chosen as the medicinal plant of the year.

Black pepper

Black pepper, also known as the "queen of spices", is now, along with salt, the most important spice in the world. Originally from Malabar coast in India and has an intense spicy taste and at the same time with different degrees of spice. The ancient medicine of Ayurveda recommends black pepper not only as a seasoning, but also, due to its prized substances, as a medicinal plant.


Guaranà is an indigenous plant fundamentally of the area of ??the Amazon, to which the Indians attribute that it provides the proper force of a divine superior being. It grows as a liana up to 12 meters high and belongs to the family of sapindáceas. Its orange fruits have a slightly bitter taste and a high caffeine content.

Luisa grass

The cedrón, as it is also known as laurel grass, was introduced in Europe in the late eighteenth century. It comes from the sunny South America, where it has long been appreciated as an important medicinal plant. The Luisa herb belongs to the family of verbenáceas and contains important essential oils.

Lemon peel

The lemon peel, which comes from India, is as aromatic as its refreshing and acidic pulp. However, the shell contains up to ten times more vitamins than juice, as well as beneficial essential oils and phytonutrients.


Ginger has been used in the Far East for more than 3,000 years as a spice and medicinal plant. It has a flavor between spicy and fruity and contains, in addition to different vitamins, essential oils and precious minerals.

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the sachet. Leave it on for 5 minutes.

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Está muy rico pero si tengo que elegur me quedo con el té verde energia de esta misma marca que lleva guaraná y tiene un sabor increíble


Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Matcha green tea with lemon

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