Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Tea white with Aloe Vera

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Balancing, harmonious and pleasant.

Our skin is the mirror of our soul. Taking a cup of YOGI TEA® white tea with Aloe Vera care for the mind, body and spirit. Carefully selected white tea has been combined with a pinch of aloe vera, tasty and mild turmeric and aromatic margaritas. Warm cinnamon Gets a fine tone, slightly sweet in this creation, which will wish you take another Cup. The essence of this infusion is: "Soft regeneration".

Basil *, white tea *, verbena *, licorice *, margarita *, jasmine green tea * (green tea *, jasmine flowers *), cinnamon *, Rosemary *, Sage *, turmeric *, fennel *, cocoa shell *, Marshmallow root *, schisandra berries *, aloe vera 200 times concentrated gel * pour 250 ml of freshly boiled over the sachet water. Leave it for 5 minutes. In ancient times the white tea white tea ingredients was reserved for court - still today being considered as one of kinds of tea most valuable in the world, due to its elegant aroma and its complicated preparation. For a kilo of white tea are needed 30,000 cocoons, which are dried carefully at special conditions of light and air and tea which give it its sweet taste. Daisy Daisy belongs to the family of the Asteraceae and has a slight taste of nuts. Grow there where its striking white-yellow flowers can be addressed better towards the Sun - preferably in meadows, gardens or parks. Aloe vera grows mostly in desert regions and, apparently, Cristóbal Colón now wore it on his travels: aloe vera, mildly acid, and with a slight nutty flavor. The most typical and acquaintance of this plant are its strong leaves with spikes, which stored so much water that the 'Lotus of the desert' can survive for months without rain. Turmeric turmeric grows especially in South Asia and the Mediterranean. It is part of the Zingiberaceae and is one of the main components of the curry. In India the slightly spicy turmeric, similar to ginger root, has more than 5,000 years as an essential spice, considered even sacred. Basil this "Royal plant", as the ancient Greeks called basil, arrived in the 12th century to the North of Europe. It has a wonderfully savory aroma that highlights both the Mediterranean cuisine and a freshly brewed tea. Verbena verbena, known as the Festival of India, was introduced in Europe at the end of the 18th century. Its origins are the sunny lands of South America. Luisa herb belongs to the family of the Verbenaceae and contains fine essential oils.

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Me gusta mucho. Es un sablr suave cargado de matices y un aporte ectra de las maravillosas propiedades que aportan sus ingredientes.




Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Tea white with Aloe Vera

Tiene un sabor peculiar, pero como todos los de esta marca, está buenísimo.

Precio, sabor y calidad


Yogi Tea - Infusion 17 Bags - Tea white with Aloe Vera

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